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For the Love of Cheese!

We have been enjoying cheese boards for years and Bay Tree Foods sells plenty as they are a firm favourite. However, as the love of cheese grows, together with the desire to offer something different, or quirky, the cheese tower or cheese cake is proving to be more popular than ever!

A triple birthday - 2 at 70 and 1 at 95!

If you're anything like me, you can happily live on a diet of cheese! Not the most healthy idea I admit, which is why, when planning my special event, I want to focus on cheese rather than cake and so do many others it would seem!

Bay Tree Foods is providing more and more wedding cakes made of cheese, which are often accompanied by a smaller more traditional cake, so those guests who prefer sweet over savoury can be included. If you don't want a full back-up cake, then I often provide a selection of sweet bites, such as brownies and fruit tartlets.

Cheese cakes have another massive advantage, especially at weddings, as they are budget friendly, providing the evening food option as well! The cake would be dismantled, cut into sections and served with an array of crackers, breads and homemade chutneys.

When my bride said royal blue, I didn't think I'd find this - stunning!

A balanced mix of cheese is essential to satisfy all tastes, offering different textures, from creamy to crumbly, and flavours - mild to punchy and fruity to blue! The cake building is always done in situ as I spend plenty of time dressing the cake with its decorations, so each one is always unique to the client.

When adorned with fruit, nuts (do check for allergies!), flowers and ribbons to compliment the theme of the wedding or party and served on a large, rustic, cake board, I can create a centrepiece worth the focus of all your guests!

What could be more fitting for a Christmas wedding?

If you want a traditional cake, but still want cheese, how about a mini cheese cake for each table? This is perfect for those wedding breakfasts where the sharing style theme has run throughout.

Whatever you decide, if cheese is your second love, after your intended, indulge! It's so worth it and it keeps, so you can indulge for longer! If these were around when I got married, I would have definitely had one, so let Bay Tree Foods do one for you! You don't have to have all your catering from me to order one, so even if it's a cheesy afterthought, give Bay Tree Foods of Hailsham a shout!

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