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Veganism - what's not to love?

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Christmas Day, 32 years ago, I walked into my first restaurant job, where everyone had their turkey dinner. There wasn't a vegetarian in sight and certainly no vegans.

Fast forward to today and everywhere you go, there are options available for those varied diets and veganism has become the biggest food trend, not only for ethical reasons, but just as a way of living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

9 out of 10 events that I cater for at Bay Tree Foods has vegan guests and rather than offering a separate plate of food with a big vegan label on it, one of the food options just happens to be suitable for vegans as well as those needing a gluten free or dairy free diet.

It's amazing how so many people, when going back for second helpings, go straight for the vegan option with comments such as 'I never knew vegan food tasted like this' and ' there's so much flavour'. Phrases like 'rabbit food' are a thing of the past for many and there's definitely more to vegan food than lettuce, which, ironically, isn't actually any use to rabbits!

Due to this public desire to eat better, I have now written a fully vegan menu, consisting of canapes, starters, main courses, desserts and buffet options, with those dishes highlighted that can easily be made suitable other dietary requirements, so pop me over a message and you can see for yourself - what's not to love about vegan food with Bay Tree Foods!

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